Félix Vallotton


Pink Eye

The day before yesterday it felt like my left eye was dry or something. I took a look in the mirror and, ah, one half of the white of the eye was red. When I woke up the morning after it was even worse.  I went to work and was told to go home and return once the pink eye had subsided. Conjunctivitis, or pink eye, I was told, is easily transmitted to others. So here I am at home, my eye a little red, but otherwise I am perfectly fine. I can’t believe this, what an unexpected break. Of all the reasons to be excused from work, this must be one of the most silly ones. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that conjunctivitis can probably be very serious and also that people don’t want to have this eye problem transmitted. But still. There is basically nothing wrong with me! I’m not working, instead merrily reading, chatting on the phone, playing with the dog or blogging and still getting paid. Hooray! Just saying.