On the Stupidest Buy Ever

Last year I came up with all kinds of excuses not to go running. I’m too tired. I’ll do it tomorrow. I just ate. I don’t have time. It’s too late and dark out, not safe to run in the park. Sad state of affairs, really, considering I am somebody who used to love to run and also an active member of the NYRR. It finally got to a point where I decided I needed to come up with a strategy. Then a friend of mine told me about about a friend of hers who had a treadmill in her apartment. My friend’s friend would wake up half an hour earlier in the morning and just hop on the treadmill before work! My mind was made up then and there. I was going to get a treadmill for my apartment too. I did some research and purchased a treadmill for $1,000.00 from Nordic Track, the kind that could be folded up after use. The treadmill arrived a few days later, it weighed several hundred pounds. I had no idea how to get it up the five flights of stairs or how to put it together. My superintendent said he would do it for $100.00. When I came home that same day the treadmill was put together and ready to be used. It was the size of a small, chubby boat and took up about a fifth of my bedroom. I sank in to my armchair and stared at it for a while. This was not good. Over the next several months, I used the treadmill two times and I hated it. A few weeks ago, I came to the conclusion I must sell it. I must. I checked out the Nordic Track website, the treadmill was now on sale for $700.00. I put an add on Craigs List, offering it for $500.00, but there were no responses. I went down to $400.oo, still, no takers. Finally, last weekend, a physical therapist kindly offered $300.oo for it. I almost burst into tears on the phone and thanked him profusely. No more treadmills for me!

4 thoughts on “On the Stupidest Buy Ever

  1. I hate treadmill running!!!!! I would rather go outside as long as it is above 0 degrees. If it’s not above 0, I will wait until it gets above 0. Usually it’s not a problem. Sorry you had to sell it for $300. What a pain in the butt.

  2. Such nonsense, buying this treadmill! You know, I don’t mind running on a treadmill, I am doing interval training now to get faster at the gym, which I like. Then I run longer distances in the park on weekends for endurance. I think it was just having the treadmill in the apartment that drove me nuts, it took up too much space. But ultimately, yes, I much prefer to run outdoors to indoors.

  3. I am the same way! I prefer outdoor running compared to indoors. I am trying to heal my knee from surfing so that I can run without pangs of pain anymore. So for the treadmill has helped me with the progress and helped me gain my speed back. So for my long distances, I also run outside.

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