On Blogging

Blogging has become one of my favorite things to do. There are several parts to what makes it intriguing; one, the blogging itself, two, the reading of others’ blogs and three, blog statistics. Let’s face it, I will probably never write a book, but I like writing and I want to write. Blogging fulfills my yearning for writing; it’s not a huge project, I write snippets here and there. Blogging is an outlet for my creativity. My space is personalized by me and there is no other blog like mine. Reading of others’ blogs is inspiring and can at times evoke envy. Honestly, my heart starts beating faster when I come a really well-crafted blog. For instance, look at The Middlest Sister and Angry Pear. I recently found these two blogs and while reading them I laughed so loud that I scared the dog (he left the room). Oh, how I admire people who can come up with something so clever! But after having read through these blogs in their entirety, which took an hour or so, I also felt strangely resentful and ready to give up on the blog business all together. Why couldn’t I come up with something like that?! Then, hesitantly, I looked at the statistics of these blogs; hundreds of followers, awards and comments. I swallowed hard. I told myself that I just started my blog and one day I would have numbers like that too. Or maybe I wouldn’t, but who cared, I was doing this for myself, not for anybody else. Or was I? I decided I would stop looking at statistics for a while. But then, out of nowhere, I noticed that the little Notifications box in the upper right corner of my screen had turned orange and it said 5! Eagerly I clicked it; two new Comments, two new Followers and one new Like. Hooray!


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