On Apartments

I have always lived in old apartments, meaning they were built some time around the 1900s, perhaps even earlier.  The reason for this is at least two-fold; one, I love the detail of the older apartments and 2) it is all that I can afford.  When I move, which I rarely do, I find an old apartment in dire condition, but usually a good deal financially, and I fix it up. I have lived in my current apartment for about 10 years now. It is a one bedroom on the fifth floor, there is no elevator. It is a corner apartment (very quiet) with high ceilings, a huge closet, six tall windows, facing west and north; I get fantastic sunlight in the afternoon. When I moved in, the state of the apartment was a disaster. After spending a week cleaning, I painted every surface. I stripped the floor and wallpapered the kitchen and the bedroom. I think I did a pretty good job, but there are still old nails partially sticking out here and there and some surfaces are crooked. I love my place, but I will not lie, sometimes I dream of a brand new place in an elevator building.

The coolest thing about a new apartment is that if you like it to it can come with a fantastic view. Kitchen and bath appliances are brand new and the place is easy to keep clean. There is probably an elevator! There is a doorman! There might be a gym! And a place to store your bike! Ugh, I could go on and on and on. But on the flip side, a contemporary apartment is costly. Who wants to spend an arm and a leg on monthly rent? The walls are thin, not substantial and solid like in an older place. They might not take dogs, which, of course, would be deal breaker for me. But ultimately, and I don’t say this because I am not in a position to pay high rent, I would prefer an older apartment, simply because of the fact of the beauty of it. Old apartments have history. But, having said that, would I love to live in an old apartment building with elevator and a view? I would, indeed I would.


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