On the Rush Hour Subway

This has been written about before, I’m sure, so I will try to be brief. Taking the New York City subway, perhaps especially the 6 train, at rush hour is a nightmare. In fact, I think one of the main reasons that I recently started walking home from work is so that I can avoid taking the subway at afternoon rush hour. First, let me point out, in terms of the morning train, there is an enormous difference between taking the train at 8:15 AM and the one at 8:30 AM. Why it is that I so rarely manage to catch the earlier, much more pleasant and sometimes empty train, I have no answer to, but I often wonder. I usually find myself on the 8:30 AM one, or, even worse, on the 8:32 AM one. I enter the last subway car, and stand with my back to the last back door, my bag squeezed to my stomach. Then the hoards enter and suddenly the car is full. People with head phones, listening to music much too loud, completely oblivious to their surroundings. People with bags dangling to the side, bumping against others, and worse, people with backpacks, totally ignorant about the fact that they are taking up double the amount of space as others. And then, the occasional, bicycler. Why bring a bike on the train during rush hour? It doesn’t make any sense! Worst of all, the readers. Why, when you can barely stand straight, squeezed together with a bunch of strangers and with nothing to hold on to, do you have to read the newspaper? Why I ask, why? Ugh. I must try to hop on that 8:15 AM train.

2 thoughts on “On the Rush Hour Subway

  1. The biggest luxury that I achieved in my life is that time has for me meaning only in global sense. Once I found myself on Rockefeller station on rush hour and I was puzzled… How can that be that all those people have to be at same place on same moment? I found two logical explanations:
    1. They enjoy that (like I did).
    2. They just do not think much about their existence.

    Thanks to people like them, I appreciate my life even more.

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