Bridal Path

I gave my dog his monthly bath and headed out to the park. He was all fluffy, looked like a bear; I stopped twice, lifted him up on a bench, and brushed him. I walked towards the Engineers Gate, which is one of the East Side entrances, my steps purposeful. I was headed towards a certain part of the Bridal Path, one short stretch I knew must be drenched in pink at this time of the year. It is one of the short parts of the Bridal Path that is lined with cherry trees. For those of you who don’t know Central Park, the Bridal Path runs adjacent to the Reservoir Path, both are great running paths with surfaces consisting of dried mud. But back to the cherry trees. They had already bloomed! I looked up in the sky, saw a few flowers still scattered in the trees, then looked down on the ground, a few petals under my feet. Pah! Was this possible? Had I missed the cherry tree blooming this year? It seemed that way. Gloomily, I dragged my feet, my UGGS too hot for the weather, the dog still fluffy. I brushed him again. Somehow he got off the leash then and started running around in circles, ran down towards the lawn, me after him, shouting for him to come back. He didn’t listen, ran happily and greeted people and dogs, tail high in the air. Finally, I caught him and I swear, he looked like he was smiling widely. Who cares about cherry trees, when one was lucky enough to be in the possession of a smiling and very fluffy dog who was so obviously happy that Spring had arrived.

2 thoughts on “Bridal Path

  1. I love this post! Almost every sentence has “I” in it! “I” is such honest statement, it push all our subjectivity upfront and by that fact make us most objective that we can ever be. “I” is magical, every “I” stand for one god or goddess. I like your “I”.

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